Glowing UFO Over Tucson, Arizona On Aug 2012.

Date of sighting: August  2012
Location of sighting: Tucson, Arizona, USA

This glowing UFO has been seen for years off and on over Tucson, Arizona and now it's back. Tucson has had a load of sightings and if you live in Tucson please let us know in comments below if you have seen anything as of late.

Eyewitness states: I was having a private conversation so some of the audio is muted. This light showed up and started disappearing and reappearing. It didn't register with me until it did it for a second time. 


  1. I live in Tucson and saw the same exact thing a few weeks ago. I thought it was odd because of how bright it was and completely still it was. I was watching it for about 15 minutes until it disappeared.

  2. On my way home in Mesa,AZ on the 202 east looking at the Mountains facing straight a head in the sky I saw a total of 3 circular shaped UFO crafts moving south east and as I watched them they vanished and showed up in a different location suddenly out of no where once I passed the power rd exit a black helicopter took off in the direction the UFOs where located at.

  3. At 5:40am I saw a ufo it was black as big as 3 house with red lights around it off on it look like a plane but no plane can land in between the mountains the way it did I got a good look to looks man made

  4. I live in Tucson AZ and I saw a UFO tonight in Catalina Foothills, just over Sabino Canyon. It was 6:35 pm and it was a boomerang shape with a sphere in the middle. It was heading NE in the sky. It was amber colored, so bright it looked like it was on fire. As it flew it changed shapes to just an sphere shape then sped up and disappeared completely. The whole thing lasted 10 seconds at the most.

  5. 10/18/13 we saw 4-5 bright lights to the south in Tucson, they were moving erradically in all directions, then 2 headed SW and one headed south...they then all disappeared. I thought they were V shaped but the person that witnessed them with me did not. This may have been about 8-9 pm. We looked out 1/2 hour later and 3 were back briefly to the South/ SW and then disappeared to the SW. The movements were very erradicate up and down and back and forth darting movements...not like any aircraft.

  6. I live on Tucson's southeast side near the Pantano wash. I traverse that wash almost daily/nightly and I've seen a big blue light flying down the wash at night. I thought it must be an ATV or offroader but what struck me next is there was no sound of an engine. As soon as that thought crossed my mind it dissappeared. Not around some bend in the Rio but gone, instantly. Ever since I've always had the feeling something is watching/following late at night. So heavy is this feeling that I travel with a weapon out as soon as I hit the wash outskirts. And yes, I do believe. If interested, we can meet and I can show you exactly where it happened. Who knows, you may even see it again.


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