Cosmosphere Builds UFO for International Exhibit, Its First Stop, Taipei, Taiwan.

This company is designing the universal UFO...meaning the typical shape seen in most UFO photos and ancient art. They say it will be displayed in Taipei, Taiwan on Nov 9, 2012. Since I live near there, I will be there and get some new shots of the finished product for you. It already seems to mimic the Bob Lazar Style UFO but until we see the finished product its hard to say. Very exciting. SCW

Cosmo.org states: 

HUTCHINSON, Kan. -  SpaceWorks, the Cosmosphere division internationally recognized for space artifact restoration and replication, has just completed design and fabrication of its first Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) for an exhibit, "The Science of Aliens," opening Nov. 9 at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Republic of China.  Not only is the design/build project unique, its transportation to Taipei is allowing the Cosmosphere to, once again, broaden its reach to a global level.The 3,000-pound UFO is 20 feet wide by 9 feet tall, constructed with steel tube framing and aluminum sheeting, complete with uplights, downlights, circulating beam lights and sound. The project was commissioned by Universal Impression, a Taipei-based exhibit promotion company that designs traveling exhibits for museums throughout Asia. Universal's recent exhibitions have featured subjects as diverse as Monet, Van Gogh and the science of robotics.

"When the Cosmosphere was approached by Universal Impression about the possibility of fabricating a replica UFO, one of the first things we did was to research what a UFO might look like," said Cosmosphere President and COO Jim Remar.  "Unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history, but there is one common theme: the apparent shape of a UFO is generally reported as a saucer or disk.  Based on the descriptions and drawings of UFOs we found - some dating back to ancient times - we ultimately developed this design." According to the Cosmosphere's research, the earliest UFO sightings in recorded history can be found in 4th century Chinese texts claiming that a "moon boat" hovered above China every 12 years. The most well-known sighting was by American businessman Kenneth Arnold in 1947.  Arnold described what he saw as being "flat, like a pie pan."  This sighting lead to a series of investigations conducted by the U.S Air Force from 1948 - 1969. Two SpaceWorks staff members will be traveling to Taipei to install the exhibit. "When it comes to exhibit design, this project is but one example of how well recognized the Cosmosphere and SpaceWorks has become internationally," Remar said.  "We will be discussing the prospect of designing future exhibits for Universal Impression.  We will also meet with officials from Hsinchu province, a community that is developing a new air and space museum.  Obviously, we hope to be part of their design team and anticipate bidding on projects for their new facility." The UFO is scheduled to leave the Cosmosphere October 5. It will be taken apart to travel by truck to Los Angeles, Cal., be shipped by freighter across the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan, and then take another truck ride to its final destination of Taipei. Once it reaches Taipei, SpaceWorks crew will reassemble it and make sure it is ready for the exhibit.

Source: http://www.cosmo.org/newsroom/ne_nw_article.cfm?id=143

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