Four Faces On Mars Surface Found Using Google Mars Map Sept 27, 2012.

Date of discovery: Sept 27, 2012
Location of discovery: Mars

I was looking over Google Mars map and found these four faces not far from each other. They look worn down from wind and sand over millions of years, but they are still clearly faces. I don't think everyone has the ability to discern such details, but many will. All you have to do is put the coordinates into the search box of Google Earth...switch the button to Mars and you have it. Why am I always looking for faces? Because I want to know how they look. SCW

Coordinates: 45°49'37.62"S  141°32'2.48"E

Below photo is low detail. You must go to google map to see the faces in high detail. You cannot see faces in below photo, its just to show you locations.

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