Giant UFO Cube Returns To Sun In NASA/SOHO PHOTOS, Sept 2012.

Date of sighting: Sept 27, 2012 and Sept 30, 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

One of our readers made me aware that the UFO cube has retuned. I searched in the NASA achieves and found it. Then got lucky yesterday and saw it again. It is back and what its up to is anyones guess. For those unfamiliar with the cube...its a giant 3 dimensional craft seen in SOHO photos since 2011(Click here to see old photos) and always has its cloak up causing it to look transparent, however the UFO is much to large for the transparent shield to work correctly. Here we have two angles of the craft. one with steps on its ends (most common) and another side with squares within a perfect square. A cube is a very simplistic design...much like the simplicity of a flying saucer. Some people say its pixilation, but you have to know that a cloaked ship would be semi visible depending on its angle to the sun and the angle of the camera. Even aliens make mistakes. SCW


  1. Oh God! . . .we're all going to be ASSIMILATED !

  2. this is NASA Mute pixels blocking out something

  3. NASA is mute ting out the pixels that are showing something .
    what, we don't know .

  4. what about today's box near the sun,Oct 05 2012 ; time, 09:30 ?

  5. Nasa's been really busy pixelating then, lately. What's the verdict on today's pixelation that happened 2012-10-05, 09:30 ?


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