Silent Flashing Red UFO - Tucson, AZ - Sep 29, 2012

Date of sighting: Sept 29, 2012
Location of sighting: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Check out this UFO seen flying over Tucson last week. It was caught by Youtube user "Sheilaaliens," a UFO hunter that has also been on TV news. She frequently watches the skies over her area and notes that there is a military base in this direction. This may be a UFO or it may be a TR3B which is a trianle shaped ship with a glowing ball in the middle and is powered from a source recovered from alien FUO crashes where they back engineered it and then were able to make it themselves. SCW

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  1. I have seen the same ufo..usaully comes from the south heading northeast.I also live in tucson and if you get away from the city lights you can see numerous ufo activity especially with night vision goggles.


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