Gold Discovered In Massive Amounts On Mars, UFO Sighting News, Dec 21, 2012.

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I was looking over Google Mars and discovered this large patch of gold strewn out over the hills. This is amazing and explains why NASA tries to blur or change the original color of Mars photos so that other nations will not become aware of the massive amounts of GOLD!   Google Mars Ruler tells us that one deposit is 33.4 km long and another is 12km long. Also look at the surrounding area of the photo that NASA has deliberately tried to change in color so that detail and original color are now lost. It is clear that Google is partly controlled by the US which clearly forces Google to alter the detail and color of Mars map photos. 

All photos are original colour.

Sure, but how do they bring it back? Rovers and robots, time and a lot of money. 

To find it type in this in the search box: 82° 3'2.24"S  76° 6'3.14"W
or search for "Dzeng" in the box. The gold is very close. I marked it as "24K Gold Deposit." I made the video below to show you more.  SCW