One NASA Astronomer Talks About Dec 21, 2012.

First off I hope nothing happens and the odds are with us that nothing will happen. The NASA astronomer says "Can you imagine thousands of NASA astronomers hiding this info?" Uh...no, but I would bet money on it that hundreds of these astronomers have seen odd things that they refuse to photo and report due to the fact that other scientists may laugh at them and thus take them less seriously after that. 

Nibiru...yeah I heard of it, but first off its not a planet. Its a giant space station world that sometimes passes Earth and they guess its about every 3,000-3,500 years. So I don't see how visitors would be bad, their existence sure would knock todays scientific knowledge on its butt. 

Some believes there will be a catastrophe on Dec 21, others like myself believe this is the time when the Earth is passing through a magnetic field in space that will heighten human awareness. Honestly, don't worry, and don't panic. Its probably just another day, however...perhaps it will remind you of how lucky you are to have your friends and family in your life. Show them that. SCW

Video deleted for unknown reason.