Repeat Appearances By X And U Shaped UFOs Around Our Sun, March 2013.

Date of sighting: March 28, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

No these are some great shots from NASA/SOHO images this week. When looking at these UFOs you should notice the black field around them. That is their gravitational pull which shows these objects are about the size of Earth.  Their fields differ in size an shape...some having none at all which is very odd for an object of that size (largest photo above). But something that is unnerving is the constant appearance of the U and  X shaped UFOs. The above photo shows three of the craft but in the video you will see half a dozen. The shape of the U and X UFOs are 100% proof that these are not planets but alien craft. 

Impossible you say? If aliens exist which they do...then nothing is impossible. Think of it this way, aliens evolve for millions or even billions of years. How good would your iphone be if they had a billion years to improve it? It would let you walk through steel walls, fly through space without a ship, teleport you from place to place and create a dinner out of thin air. So it would be easy for aliens to not make the giant ships themselves but have their robot workers build them taking centuries or millenniums to finish. Also know that aliens would live for tens of thousands of years if they die at all.

This is a major reason why the world governments don't want aliens to work with the public. All factories creating medicine would close since people no longer get sick. All electricity, nuclear plants, oil and coal plants would close since they will free energy. People will no longer grow old and die...creating over population. New churches and cults would form worshiping different alien species (56 space faring species known to exist, USAF info). All this and more would happen in just a few weeks. That is too chaotic for any government to want to deal with. Especially since they have loads of money in those industries. SCW


  1. Solo un necio puede negar lo que se esta viendo, gracias por compartir.

  2. Solo un necio puede negar lo que es tan evidente, gracias por compartir.


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