Giant Disc Shaped UFO Filmed Over The Moon. Just Like The NASA Tether Incident UFOs.

Date of sighting: March 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Moon

How is this possible? Easy, this is an infrared camcorder looking at the moon. From the persons unsteady hands its clear that its a hand held device like a camcorder and many have 50-70 optical zooms plus unlimited digital zoom. An infrared camera was what filmed the UFOs around the STS-75 mission, THIS IS NOT A NORMAL CAMERA BUT ALTERED TO FULL SPECTRUM AND THEN A IR FILTER IS PUT OVER IT. Infrared lets you see things that are normally invisible to the naked eye.

This amazing UFO which was recorded in March by an unknown person looks similar to the UFOs seen during the shuttle STS-75 mission where they used a long tether and it either broke or was broken by these UFOs, but during the mission there wasn't one but hundreds of them! 

This UFO looks the same but what most people don't notice is the throbbing. The UFO throbs like a heart beating and the whole in its center changes size with each throb much like a jellyfish in the ocean. This UFO doesn't appear to be a alien craft but instead may be a live creature that lives and swims through space much like a whale swims through the ocean. Think about it and take a look at part 1 and 2 videos, then look at the old STS tether video. SCW

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  1. Can't believe that there is no comments on this. Okay I know this is strange but if you look at this with an open mind to me these remind me of under water sea creatures that illuminate in the darkness. I know what they say requirements for life is but who's to say that is what is out there. In the one video it is obvious you can see thru it again reminds me of a jelly fish.


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