UFO Mail In Report From Reader: Doorway Opens Up During Sunset Photos, New Mexico!

Date of sighting: 2007
Location of sighting: Socorro, New Mexico, USA

Eyewitness states: 
"Year 2007, location Socorro county New Mexico. Hello my name is (name taken out) and recently I had been talking with my uncle about UFOs when he mentioned he had capture some sort of portal or gate on a picture while driving in Socorro county a few years ago. My aunt was taking pictures of the sun set while driving home too Bayard New Mexico and she capture multiple photos on the sun set with her digital camera. When she was going through them she and my uncle saw a big gate in one picture, but the previous and after picture taken a few seconds before didn't show the portal. It wasn't visible to the human eye but some how was capture in a camera photo, it might of been a millisecond or a blink of a eye moment that it wasn't visible. They were unable to explain it and never revealed it to any family members till I brought it up with the disclosure happening in Washington at the end of the month. They wanted to participate and help so they gave me this picture on a memory. The camera has than broken and the picture is only in a USB and hdd.  Here it is, I was mind blown and speechless by this, truly something else. And my family are almost computer illiterate so I believe this picture has not been touched or photoshopped in any way." 

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