Curiosity finds WWI Helmet On Mars - NASA Anomaly.

Date of sighting: April 27, 2013
Location of sighting: Mars

Now before I talk about this, let me remind you that NASA did announce on March 2013 that "ancient Mars could have supported life" (click here to view). So all the work UFO researches have done and are doing has not gone to waste. They are in search of evidence that intelligent life once existed there. I checked the official NASA photo and the helmet is there so this is real and unaltered. The object does look similar in appearance to the old WW1 or WW2 helmet. Although coated with dust and sand the object does appear to be a helmet. Had we seen this photo taken in front of a gas station or a play ground you would have no doubt, but...because its Mars, you will have trouble believing. That's exactly what the US government wants you to think. Think outside the box. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
We are back with another fascinating picture from the Curiosity Rover on Mars. This was taken on day three and looks exactly like a helmet from the early wars on Earth look like. http://www.whatsupinthesky.com