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Date of sighting: March 1, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Moon
Source NASA Apollo 17 Photo

Lets talk about my experience first. I have had ten years of art, Masters Degree in Counselling and was in the USAF working on B1 bombers and F16s. I have been finding structures since I was in 1st grade when I found the famous face at Cydonia on Mars 37 years ago. I hate it when people jump into my site and assume I'm making this up. I have more experience than anyone at NASA's airbrush room; the room where they air brush or digitally remove evidence of aliens from photos. 

I was looking through some Apollo 17 images that were new to me and found some fascinating objects. The two that caught my attention the most was the ship and the pyramid. The pyramid looked very ancient since it was covered in several meters of dust or dirt. The alien ship however looks fairly recent, this century most likely since its covered in a dust  similar to that of the surrounding area. Check out my video below please. SCW


  1. Interesting finds Scott! Was there supposed to be audio with this because if so there was no sound when I played it. Fie on those who make ignorant assumptions about your site - which is one of the best I might add. Hopefully they will do more research and realize the error of their ways! Don't let their negativity ruin your day:)

    1. Actually my audio on my screen recorder was not working so after I made this video, I deleted the program and reloaded it again. It's working fine now. My apologies.


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