Glowing UFO Over West Germany Often Seen This Month Patrolling Area, June 17, 2013.

Date of sighting: June 17, 2013
Location of sighting: West Germany

Understand this, there is a type of UFO that appear to be a glowing white ball of light. My personal UFO experience back in a SAC USAF base witnessed 25 or more of these with hundreds of eyewitnesses. Back in WWII the pilots of Germany, England and USA called them Foo Fighters because they flew along side fighter planes and bombers. Most recently one was seen and recorded at one of the most religious places on earth where it was said an angle flew up to heaven from that point long ago...Dome of Rock in Jerusalem. It happened on Jan 28, 2011 and was caputred by tourists from all over the world but from different angles. After watching the 2013 video below, watch the Dome of Rock video below it. You will understand that this type of UFO, whether it be angel, alien entity or UFO craft does exist. SCW

Eyewitness states: 
I took this interesting flying object at 11:49 pm local time, clear sky, about 25°C. The "UFO" made no sound. On 7th June saw 4 of those object (not at same time) when it was night at the SAME place and in the SAME night, like that one in video. Not exactly same flying path, once an object flew behind me, like only 100m altitude,very near, than above. Everytime one of these UFOs or lets say "ball of lights" is flying by, it is always ZERO sound. Often they are shining very much, constantly with same brightness. Even more than this object in video. It is either very low or low altitude, I repeat. And I had my camera with me cause I supposed that the chance is high to film one of those UFOs, cause the place is obviously an hotspot. So I had it on standby and watched the sky. Please don't embarass yourself typing ISS or plane/helicopter. The object was not higher than 100-200 meters. thanks.

Below is two videos of same UFO Over DOME OF ROCK.

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