Another Tunnel On Mars In Global Surveyor Archive, July 2013.

Date of discovery: July 2013
Location of discovery: Mars
Mission: Mars Global Surveyor 2005

I was looking over some photo in the MSSS or Malin Space Science Systems archive and found this interesting tunnel. These kinds of tunnels have been found in higher detail than this, but this one seems to have a tiny branch the moves off. Many believe these are transportation tunnels and they very well might be. Living under the surface of Mars seems to be easier than living on its surface. There also looks to be some tall long structures in the inside of a crater. This crater is located at the far upper right of the original photo. The Tunnel is located at the lower quarter center of the photo. SCW

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  1. These things you call "tunnels" I am writing about them in my book, "Life on Mars 3" which will be published in the near future. In my book, I examined one in detail and I see people inside and around. I call them "greenhouses" because it appears that they grow things inside.

    What they are, I believe, is a structure similar to greenhouses that we construct in Watsonville, California. People take pipes like pvc and bend them to make an arch and then put plastic sheeting over the arches to form semicylinrical greenhouses. However, it appears that the Martians take trees, rip them into thin boards, plant one end in the ground and then bend over the board to form an arch, and then they cover with plastic sheeting.

    Inside the greenhouses, the plants may boost the oxygen levels so that people can breathe more oxygen. As you may know, there is very little oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars. Nevertheless, people so seem to have adapted and can go about on the surface walking and in vehicles and on horses, camels, and elephants.

    It seems possible to me that these greenhouses are used to grow food, as well as to produce oxygen. However, at this point I have yet to see any food supply or people eating anything. What they consume is a mystery.


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