Email Report: Mass UFOs Seen Over Luxor Hotel In Las Vegas, Nevada On June 2013.

This report made me think about it all night long. These orbs are not bats or birds because they do not have wings and they never flap. They are round and move swiftly in and out of the beacon that shoots out from the top of the Luxor hotel...which is in the form of an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The top of the Egyptian pyramids are said to be able to channel energy into a beam and shoot it somewhere distant...perhaps the orbs are expecting the same thing from this one. Strangely enough, Area S4 which is inside Area 51 is only 83 miles (133km) north-northwest of Las Vegas. If you're in Vegas and have a camera with a powerful zoom, please watch that beacon for us and let us know what you find. SCW

Date of sighting: June 27, 2013
Location of sighting: Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Email reads:

Hi World, I recently came across some great footage of the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas with some very interesting UFO capture’s and not just one but three or four of them. It was such a convincing collection and in such a busy part of the world, I thought if these were real how come there were not more of them. Such a spectacle in my mind would have had to of drawn more attention. I decided to see if I could find more. I came across an article about these UFO videos and a statement from the Luxor stating they were bird’s feeding on moth’s, I found this quite amusing as it was obvious there is no indication of wing’s flapping and their flight patterns were so un bird like. One video is filmed so close you can see they were forming spinning, contracting and expanding triangular patterns in a very controlled deliberate manner. But at the same time I could see how some people could mistake them for birds especially at a glance and at a distance. I also came across a video titled bird’s at the Luxor. And even at my first glance thought they were just birds by the sheer number of them. After studying the video for a while, I realized that this person had filmed the same UFO’s again on a different occasion but had miss identified them for birds. I sent them a message to say to them but got a quite unsurprising dismissive response. This intrigued me still, I wondered if others had done the same so decided to look for videos of birds above the Luxor instead. It did not take long before I had found a few more miss identifications. Some even though they had been titled as birds still had voices in the footage making a point that they did not look like birds and they were very large. They also made points about the weird flight patterns and even joked about them being aliens in little spaceships, but they had been told by somebody else they were bats. In the end I found 14 clips filmed on separate occasions that once looked at properly become clear, they are all the same objects. And when you compare them to the clips of the fleets of orbs in Mexico, And the 100’s maybe 1000’s of other Recordings of orb UFO’s filmed around the world in the recent years It becomes undeniable, this is a real phenomenon worth the public’s attention. To keep saying these videos are manufactured becomes such a conspiracy in itself that it becomes more unbelievable in itself than the actual UFO Phenomenon. 

There is no solid proof they are alien but they definitely possess an anti-gravity quality that lets them move in any manner in which they desire. They also keep perfectly chosen distances from each other to perform the twisting triangle motions displayed in the Luxor videos. To do this you also must use triangulation and a computer guidance system of some sort to keep track of each other. I’ve found clip’s from as early as the 50’s with these same UFO’s in triangle formations, And even NASA has filmed them in orbit in the same configuration. This rules out them being a modern prototype for something as they have not changed. Whatever their purpose it’s the final design. This brings me to my main point. Why so many triangles? The Luxor as you may notice is a triangle structure. They keep hovering around the plant in triangles but never seem to land, or give us any indication what of where they come from and why? Could the triangle be a message? The fact that they use separate crafts that continually break from and form with others into triangles seems to be drawing attention to the triangle as a focus, but what does it mean? My theory is that if they are extra-terrestrial, it may be a universal contact protocol for non-hostile contact with another intelligent race. Triangulation as you may know is a method used by intelligent beings to map, measure and even create 3d Artificial Worlds. It is a truly intelligent practice, it would make perfect sense to use it as a sign to make contact with like-minded beings. I believe they are waiting for us to figure this out and this is why they keep floating around our planet in this configuration. If you go to someone’s home you don’t just break in you wait for them to answer. I think they are waiting for us to answer. I’ve had my own experiences over the years. I never got into this subject by mistake. I’ve seen these objects myself so for me I need no proof, but you all do. I’ve tested my theory with a laser and they do respond with clear signals. But it’s not about me it’s about us. First we all need to become aware. Until we come together globally and start making triangles back we will just keep seeing them floating around. Search CE5 Contact there are groups who are aware trying to make contact right now but they will just get the same results as I did till you all join in. This has to be a global invitation and could bring change and answers we desperately need. I think we should start making triangles ourselves.
Peace and Love.

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