Giant Rod Passes Across Japan Volcano On August 2, 2013.

Date of sighting: August 2, 2013
Location of sighting: Volcano Sakurajima, Japan

This rod got caught on live cam in Japan this week. Volcanos have been carefully watched by UFOlogist worldwide in hopes of seeing UFOs coming out of the craters on live Internet cams. Rods are believed to be living creatures whose whole purpose is to send and receive messages and conduct research...much like a drone gathers intel. SCW

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  1. I'm 58 and I've always enjoyed looking into the heavens. I moved to Navarre beach florida 1999. Approximately 6 months before Hurrican Ivan I witnessed something that just didn't make sense. Fast forward to 2014 and I'm wathching the history channel about ufos.I'm watching a segment with vocanoes. I watched I'm stunned their is what I had seen. My brain had tucked this memory away I'm guessing because it made no sense. I'm standing on my deck overlooking Navarre sound and I'm 400 yards east of the bridge. Trash floats down stream oftrn. This time I'm observing a telephone pole floating down stream. Its approximatly 200 hrs up stream and the same off shore from me. Perfectly normal. As it past me approximately 50 yards down stream it stopped! Ok...then it started going up stream moving at an angle toward me then stopped. At this point I went inside and grabbed my high powered binoculars. The very first thing I noticed was it was spinning...ok. My first thought was there is no lumberjack trying to spun it. Then this is what blew me away. This 60 to right door pole had translucent wing that reminded me of a seagull in flight with wings so fast it was actually blurring. These were segmented approximately every 6 to right feet. If you can imagine a candy cane spinning with its spiaral strips not moving. Once I got a stunning quick view it started to rain so hard it was no longer visible. I have never seen anything else that I couldn't explain. You van contact me mr_richard_c@yahoo.com


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