Newly Found Apollo 11 Video Shows UFO On Backside Of Moon 08-02-2013 World Global UFO Sighting News

Date of sighting: July 1969
Location of sighting: Moon

Eyewitness who discovered it says:
Found some rare footage of Apollo on the backside of the moon showing 2 UFOS flying right by the window Link for video from NASA once here choose the APOLLO 11 16MM ONBOARD FILM.


  1. These are most probably meteors. Do not forget that the moon lacks an atmosphere, and so the combustion of the meteor does not occur when it comes into proximity.

    1. But fellow crew mate if ya look even closer the object is traveling in a strait path to its destination imo, & it would seem logical to me sir that if it was in fact a meteor its trijectory would be in a more vertical downward path to the moons surface it seems from the perspective of the apollo crew filming this...

      Now brace yourself crew mate, if i told ya that it may be that post paper clip decendents vehicals that was already ON THE MOON I,e that "Break Away Civilization" some of US calls them, left here to the moon even before NASA's Apollo proj observation missions on the moons surface ect during that time of NASA's glory during those Apollo yrs & that that so called "Break Away Civil" let NASA do its thing TO A POINT on the moon because of all that Ah Hum "Cash Revenue" that was coming in in wheel barrels to NASA at the time, well my fellow crew mate on board this rock we call planet earth its quite something to ponder on isn't it...


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