SETI's Search for Intelligent Alien Life Resumes. Yeah Baby!

Guess what? As of August The Allen Telescope Array is back up and running again thanks to donations from people hopeful that they will discover alien signals from space. The Mountain View-based SETI Instituted has resumed their search. They have been shut down since April 15th because the US gov pulled the plug on their funding. So far they have received donations of more than $200,000.

SETI Institute Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak said, “I have to say that I am extraordinarily gratified by the response from the public to reopening our antenna so we can scan the skies looking for some cosmic company,” he said. Shostak said the sky is certainly not the limit when it comes to interest in the possibility of intelligent life. “All you have to do is go to the local multiplex and you’ll see that interest. Just about every week there’s a new film about aliens,” he said. “People are intrigued with the idea that there might be somebody out there, but not only that, science is showing that there are lots and lots of planets out there that are habitable,” he added.

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