Beetle UFO Seen In Apollo Image Moon Photo, Aug 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 24, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Moon
Mission: Apollo 17, moon landing
Source NASA photo: http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a17/AS17-134-20416HR.jpg

This amazing beetle UFO causes me to wonder, is this an alien entity? Look carefully and you will see a head, arms and lower legs. This UFO was near the Apollo 17 astronauts who took this photo. Possibly an alien drone sent to investigate the human landing party of Apollo 17. Certainly it's not an insect on the moon, but then again, we really have no idea what's out there in space. Scientists assume they know whats out there, yet humanity doesn't even know half the creatures in our own oceans. One major thing I learned in this area is...if aliens exist, then anything is possible in this universe. SCW

My name is Scott C. Waring and I am a UFOlogist. I wrote four books and numerous articles. I seek the truth.


  1. Hi Scott,

    Great pic. I count only 4 legs, so I doubt it is an insect that fell off the ship after going all the way to the moon. I would suspect it is a craft normally used on the surface and it is checking out the Apollo craft.

    Much of the Mars pics tended to demonstrate aliens who wanted to stay hidden or look like something else. A walking craft would leave less discernible tracks and is consistent with aliens who like to do things unnoticed. making a craft look like a giant bug might also fit the trend as the Mars pics seemed to have aliens who like making their surface rooms look like menacing animals. Maybe the design just makes good sense to them. I haven't seen any spaceship like that except in an episode of "RED DWARF".

  2. This fits with the giant bug with a four foot wingspan which landed on the window of a passenger jet. See the full story in Cryptozoological News.

  3. This fits with a four ft wingspan giant beetle which landed on the window of a passenger jet at 30,000 ft. See the full story with drawing in the Cryptozoological News.

    "A giant beetle. Its green shiny body opened up to show a pair of four feet veiny wings, flapping up and down at an incredibly slow speed.

    That’s what Marco Gessati, a 32-year-old doctor, said he and about ten other people saw during a flight from Rome to Boston."


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