Many Aliens Buildings and UFOs Found In Apollo 17 NASA Photo, Sept 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: September 2013
Location of discovery: Beijerinck region, Earths Moon
Photo mission: Apollo 17
Photo is NASA/ASU sharing.


I understand a lot of people have trouble seeing the detail in black and white photos. Two color tones can confuse the eyes focus, but please try before assuming I am wrong. Also note, this is very close to Waterman crater...the place with the long Voyager ship UFO I found and use on my UFO sites header at the top of this site.

I was looking through NASA photos of Apollo 17 again and came across a few ancient structures and ships that I had to tell you about. On is a bat like UFO that is parked in a edge of a crater wall with a tower touching its wing tip (above). As I often say, old abandoned UFOs usually get dumped in areas near crater walls or inside craters to protect them from meteorites and marauding aliens who seek their parts. 

Another is a totem pole with a massive face on it, the pole it self seems to resemble an skelital back bone of sorts, which leads me to believe its a race that enjoys a good fight (above photo).
As I have said before, there are buildings that are white ceramic in appearance and the photo above shows a close up of one such structure. These structures are odd shaped because they are meant to resemble part of the landscape and they were also probably grown, meaning bio mechanical structures (above photo).
The above photo shows a many structures, these are the flat black colour buildings I often talk about. Remember there are three types I commonly find. 1st the white ceramic, 2nd the flat black color, 3rd the metal gray buildings but these metal ones are usually tiny compared to the black or white ones. 
The above photo shows what looks to be a white structure, but also resembles a white thin ship. This one is a hard one to call for sure, but one thing is 100% certain, its alien tech. 
Now this photo above is hardest of all for the common person to see its details. Any archiologist would have to think about this one long and hard because what we see here is the ancient walls of many large structures. Don't take 10 seconds to decide...look at it in the original photo, let your eyes adjust to the dark vs light areas. Takes about 2-3 minutes to see it well. 
The above photos shows the full NASA photo and a map of where to find the anomalies that I have discovered. There are many more, but these were more pronounced and better evidence. 

Always click the NASA source to verify for yourself if the anomalies found are real. Many Youtube people are faking info (for money though adds or NSA goals), so I urge you to always click on the actual NASA link and look for the anomalies yourself. This is the only way you will believe in it. SCW

Photo is NASA/ASU sharing.


  1. I think the 6th photograph has a pyramid and several walled features in a line like terraced housing. BTW your right the black background does no favours to these pictures. With a white background all the features stood out easily.

  2. So

    The truth was out there...on the moon ?


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