More SOHO/NASA Evidence That Comet ISON Is An Alien Craft With Wings, Nov 28, 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 28, 2013
Location of sighting: Near Earths Sun

These photos of ISON were taken this week and yes indeed, they show that ISON does have something to its left and right side. Wings like objects are seen on the SOHO images. As you see in the images below, we have reported UFOs orbiting around ISON and even long wings off to both of its sides. More and more evidence is piling up here. SCW


  1. Scott, even on the NASA posting on SMN that says ISON only emmited some dust on the way to the sun, there is in the pic, a weird white glowing anomaly........

    1. I agree ......... a weir white glowing anomely........!!????

    2. it is actually the xanterexx, the craft for us people who dont want to go to the 5th dimensional shift.
      we are currently under the observation of the other extraterrestrial lives and they will assist us whatever happens.

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  2. http://media1.s-nbcnews.com/j/streams/2013/November/131128/2D9809451-131128-coslog-kommetcz.blocks_desktop_medium.jpg

  3. Forget about ISON....what I want to know is who else is watching that comet? I first noticed it this morning when watching the NASA SOHO broadcast.(same one as above!). if you watch this (blue) clip and are able to stop it frame by frame, in between 11 seconds and 12 seconds you will notice an object come into view just in front of and just below where the comet enters the camera view. when stopped frame by frame, it comes out of deep space, makes a 90 degree curved turn (appears as a quick 'C' shaped white flash) away from the sun, toward the comet. then, again frame by rame you will see the item STOP!? then drop in altitude, then fade??? if his is a space rock, how does it turn in space, away from the sun and then how does it stop? To add weirdness to this story, if you watch the full version of the above clip on the nasa website (SOHO Broadcast Nov 27, 1:30pm) watch just slightly below where this flash of a white 'C' seems to fade and you will see 4 objects burst out in 4 different directions with the one to the farthest left doing a curve backwards then gone!!
    Take it for what you will but although it was hard to freeze the frames to watch it but I did, and I seen it and I have no answers other then, we (here on Earth) were not the only ones interested in that comet today. That is clear. feel free to email me at s3ansilv3rst3in@hotmail.com if you can figure it out.

  4. Why won't you post my comment about the "wings?"

  5. I just went to dinner, and there she was, she ate a squirrel and an iguana at the China Hut.


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