Newest Face On Mars Found Using Google Earth, VIDEO, Nov 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 12, 2013
Location of discovery: Mars
Coordinates are: 43°32'56.65" S  147°52'39.10" E

I found this face today and I loved the detail of its braided or curly hair making the face stand out more. The face looks to be more worn than the hair, probably due to being made of different minerals. 

It's important to look for faces on the planets and moons in our solar system so that we can educate ourselves on the alien species that we share this system with. Don't you want to know what they look like? Don't you want to meet them? I sure as hell do, and this is how I learn about them. Through NASA photos which cannot be contested. 

I opened Google Earth and switched it to Mars. Its a free program guys. Then I looked around and found this really cool looking face inside a crater. It has a reptile like face with an open mouth and highly detailed hair with part of a hat sticking out.

To find the face yourself, just copy and paste the coordinates into the Google Mars search box and press enter. It will take you there. Scott C. Waring