UFO Armada Over Columbia Leaves Thousands Of People In Awe, VIDEO, Nov 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 8, 2013
Location of sighting: Pereira, Columbia

The city of Pereira is located 250 km from the capital of Columbia. This armada of UFO orbs was seen last week and caught the whole city by surprise. There orbs are not often seen, but when they are it seems that the UFOs are certainly not shy and not trying to hide. 

Sure you can assess the flight pattern of the craft, but to be sure that these are UFOs we need to establish contact in some way. If you get a green laser pen and hit the object for a split second only, if it flashes back within 3-5 seconds then it is a UFO. Lasers only work at night because you need to see the beam to aim. This is from my personal experience which blew me away a few years back. Don't leave it on the UFO too long...you don't want to blind them. SCW


  1. ha! explain THAT Nasa

  2. Try to get a green laser as they dont divert as much.most cameras have an ir laser.thats why ufos shy away when pictures are taken.looks to me like some one in south america bought the usa old sport models.my opinion brazil.since they are part of security council.

  3. Were under attack. Are they hostile? Are they friendly? Well all find out soon enough it seems.....make your tin foil hats!


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