Ring UFO Recorded By NASA On Nov 5, 2013, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 5, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit at International Space Station, ISS
Time: 4:51 am 
NASA Link: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/40481898

Click on photo to enlarge
Click on photo to enlarge

This UFO was recorded by NASA themselves and is on the link above. The link has 2 hours of video on it and if you jump to about 1:35 you will see this UFO directly on the NASA video. This UFO looks a lot like the March 1996 "Tether Incident." During the Tether Incident the donut UFOs pulsated and throbbed as if alive. This however does neither, but does look the same in appearance. 

Some of the comments below the NASA video addressed their concerns about the UFO.

One concerned person states; "Once again, the appearance of an unidentified flying object in orbit, NASA disables broadcast (((. I want to ask NASA - Where the HD video quality with the ISS? How much can you translate such a bad signal? What are you trying to hide? The truth? People already know the truth and conceal the truth does not make sense! Give people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Earth and the cosmos in a good quality pictures!"

Some of the comments on the Youtube video also addressed similar concerns. 

One person states; "I agree they are alive... but I also think they phase in and out of our reality... they maybe a quantum species that are not effected by our gravity due to them having vary little mass and in constant flux."

Another person states:  "I believe these objects and many of the others seen in near Earth orbit are biological, I think they are like jellyfish or other such creatures. We know that there are life forms that live at ocean depths that would kill nearly everything else because of the intense pressure, I see no reason why there could not be creatures that survive in the absence of pressure as we have in space. Life has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to occur in virtually every condition we know of."


  1. Maybe the ISS crew threw out stale Dunkin Doughnuts out the sealed door?

  2. Maybe the ISS crew threw out stale Dunkin Doughnuts out the sealed door?

  3. I have seen a similar object here in the uk Bristol ,it appeared out of no where in the sky as I was walking very silent no noise just hovered passed me ,were definatley not alone

  4. What.s got my curiosity is, why does it move at the exact same pace as the video? Shouldn.t it move out of camera view.nn? Hmmmm

  5. Its a compact disk that was carjacked by them damned aliens from me at laserpoint! I cant believe NASA got it on tape though. Wierdos


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