Alien Structure On Eros Asteroid Is Proof US Gov Is Secretly Trying To Get Alien Tech, PHOTOS, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: December 2013
Location of discovery: 433 Eros Asteroid

Look at this alien structure on the surface of an asteroid called 433 Eros. The structure consists of two rectangle shaped buildings side by side. The structures surface is a different colour and reflectivity than that of its surrounding so it looks to be made of a type of metal. 

Now, in the news recently many companies have been wanting to go and harvest minerals from asteroids and bring them back to Earth. I believe those companies are actually the US government working in secret to get to alien structures in hopes to attain alien technology and maybe even a US military off world base. SCW


  1. On the site of NASA it states: "The large, rectangular boulder at the upper right is 45 meters (148 feet) across." Yea right... "boulder"....

  2. Proof again from Streetcap1. James Oberg referred to him as ' Full Disclosure ' Streetcap1, so we know NASA fear him. Guy stays anonymous for good reason.

  3. All the secrets and lies whats going around on the world wide net are not believable anymore.Who knows whats true and whats not? Was that the goal all the warfare and fossile mongers want to accomplish? If so ,great work.And i hope you all that re deeply involved in that crap are happy now.Earth is dying within all its life on it and we as crown of creation (haha) do nothing against all that.Humanity is so separated and everyone s living inside their own existence bubble.Without looking ahead.Many people believe in aliens and that they re here for a long time.But many do not.Cause they want prove.Or even do not believe in it if a ufo lands on their heads.Anyway..Meanwhile the institutions that profits from the main mass confusion and disorder will do it on and on.Without mercy.Money is their god.And weapons are their motivation.Typical naked evolution apes.Thats why secretive groups in power can do what they want with all of us.And get away with everyrhing.Even murder and abuse.And i mean with every life here on earth.Cause the naked evo apes what we re re not the only life here.We need to take care and protect the whole planet.Its our duty to do so.If we all do nothing thats what we must do.Otherwise all is lost to greedy assholes hiding their ruling manners from all of us.They re guilty to all whats going wrong on earth.


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