Giant Cube On Mercury and Other Structures! Photo #2 NASA Source, Feb 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 10, 2014
Location of discovery: Mercury
NASA Mission: Mariner 10
Photo ID: PIA00066
Exact Location on Mercury: Shakespeare Quadrant, Southern Half, H-3
NASA Photo: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA00067.jpg

I found these structures last week and want to see what you guys think about them. This is Mercury and most people seem so pre-occupied with Mars that everyone forgets there are other planets and moons we need to search. Mars is dead...although there may be alien bases under its surface, there is very little for us to see there. 

My favorite discovery in this photo is "the cube," that sits in a crater so that it will look like the shadow of the crater at long distance.

And to our neighbors on Mercury...please announce yourselves to the people on Earth. They are as ready as they will ever be. You know thats true. I don't want your tech, your medicine or anything other than your friendship. I realize that the molecules in the human body, and the molecules of the planets, and the molecules in your alien body were all created in the star systems. We are linked. Your people and mine are akin to the stars. We can't come to you, but you can come to us. See you then. Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


  1. Scott they the folks upstairs know that the Global Robber Barons will be hard to negotiate w/ because of there greed & averace, they the residents of mercury let alone the numerous other groups w/in this solar sys sees him as a worthless non enlightened currupted piece of S#*t that'll keep the human species of earth in spiritual bondage & evolutional retardation for the sake of a Hi profit margin via worthless pieces of grn paper.....

    I thk the benevolents are waiting for there self destruction to begin the enlightenment process "in mass" here......

  2. Btw Scott, i thk that the Benevolents would be more than happy to share & teach US advance tech for trans, medicine, enlightenment ect, IF that Global Robber Barons pwr is removed from existence, they know that the currupt basterds would steal & take claim thru decieption & murder of anything bolted dwn so 2 spk, including there property.....


    Thk about it......


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