Triangle UFO And Ring UFO Caught In Moon Photo By Accident Over Louisiana, Feb 15, 2014, UFO sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 15, 2014
Location of sighting: Louisiana, USA
Source: MUFON
Case #: 54966

The report sent into MUFON has an amazing triangle UFO that was caught by accident, but there is another UFO...a ring UFO just above the moon. If we go by saying the triangle UFO is blackish, then the ring UFO may actually be a black disk. SCW

Eyewitness states:
I took pictures of the moon from my yard recently when the moon was reported to be close to the earth. When I reviewed the pics I noticed the shape. The tips of the wings look very defined.
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  1. It's a bat. That "ring ufo' is clouds.

  2. Looks very much like an owl to me. The ring is more interesting as it is behind the moon. You can clearly see the distortion in from the moon in front of the object. It could also be distortion but it does seem to have some structure there.

  3. Have you noticed too that the moon is in front of the clouds! The moon is a hologram and is projected inside our atmosphere. Great catch here over all!!

  4. Have you noticed the moon is in front of the clouds? The moon is a hologram that is projected within our atmosphere - here is proof! Good catch on the UFO's!

  5. I have seen 2 times this last 4 weeks a Triangle Shaped UFO in the skies above Orange County Ca.

    The first time we saw it was about 8:30 pm PST. Moving very fast from SW to NE. It was cloudy and it moved through the clouds. So it wasn't that high in the sky.

    The second time I saw a more defined Triangle Shaped UFO flying from NW - SE in clear skies about 2 weeks later, and around 9:30pm PST. This time I could see the tips of the Triangle were reflective but the whole craft could blend in with the night sky. It was moving faster than the first time. I was the only witness to the second object. There were 4 other witnesses to the first object 2 weeks prior.

    We have noticed significant amounts of Different Satellites flying over almost every night going in different directions. Some of the Satellites Flare up as if they were taking pictures. Iridium Satellites do this as well, but it seems odd that a few times a week, and in different directions ( W to E, N to S, E to W ) we have seen all kinds of different paths of travel for these satellites.

    The Triangle Shaped objects move very fast and are in our atmosphere. I believe they are government made drones ( UFO's ). They move to fast for a pilot controlled aircraft. ( at least a human pilot )

    Has anyone seen something like this too?

    1. I live near site 300 in N California and I have seen the same triangle.It was about 150ft above me there was 2 of them and they moved slow they werent flying,they jumped in a way. Yes they seem to have electro static skin,I was able to see them clearly when they were directly above me ,tghey made a sound sorta like a microwave and dishwasher combined..


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