Aliens, Russia, NASA and Pat Robertson Warns Us That Earth Will Be Hit By Extinction Event Asteroid In Future. UFO Sighting News. @secgen

Recently in the news, Pat Robertson has predicted that the Earth will be hit by a massive asteroid. People laugh at him because he is a religious man, but he is not far from the truth about what is really coming. NASA has been announcing this week that its just a matter of dumb luck that Earth hasn't been hit by a big one yet. 

Also Russian scientists have warned that asteroid Apophis (350 meters) in 2029 has a high probability of hitting the earth with a 1 in 30 chance. If it doesn't hit us, it still has a chance to hit us in 2036.

In the 1970s a man was abducted by aliens and brought into a ship. This person was living in Puerto Rico at the time and said he saw other people who where taken from Earth and stood in the room to watch a presentation that the aliens wanted them to see. These people abducted by aliens were shown holographic like projections. This hologram showed a meteor or rock falling to Earth in the near future (1:15 min into video). This meteor is suppose to fall in the Puerto Rico -Caribbean Island area. 

It's just a matter of time before an asteroid of 1+km size hits Earth...it has been a while, so we are due for an impact. I'm not trying to scare people, I'm just stating the facts. Why would aliens warn many people about a coming catastrophe with an asteroid? Because they may be trying to change the future by warning us and preparing us to change the course of future events. SCW

Puerto Rico alien encounter talks about asteroid hitting earth. 

Russia warns that Apophis may hit Earth.


  1. Hows this for predictions
    The population is going to increase this year !
    Human boys and girls will be born today.
    More by humans will become HIV positive today.
    Hows that for 100% accuracy, humm ?

  2. Maybe that's what happened to Mars. The pictures from the latest rover make it look like a junkyard.

  3. Dumb luck or assistance from unseen forces..

  4. i hope it happens soon .fed up with fellow human beings

  5. Yes, pest control

  6. And count ya blessins Pat that there just may be beings out there in our local solar sys that if you have a chance to meet em you'll either think that they were Angles OR demons that in some time or recent changed the course IF not already neutrilized the meteor to fine of course smoldering debree way way before getting near earths atmosphere U C...

    They understand & had made provisions that in the event of this nature including Nuclear Suicide that they "the global elite" will have there under ground facilities ready some even more higher ups will try to escape w/ back engineered flying tech.

    But will they make it back UP.

  7. It's hard to lie to the public when WE THE PUBLIC KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING & GOING ON AROUND US

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