Massive UFO Caught On Fox News Over Earthquake Center In Westwood, California - VIDEO- UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 31, 2014
Location of sighting: Westwood, California

This is an amazing catch. This person was watching Fox 11 News and caught a UFO revealing itself for a few seconds over Westwood, CA right after the earthquake they had. The light first appears to spread from the UFOs bottom center then to its outer edged of the UFO if you watch in slow motion. This would indicate it shot off out of the area causing charged particles around the ship to be seen. I say this because its similar to a Chinese UFO that was recorded in Aug of 2006 and when it left...it made a similar bright burst (Video Below). Where there are earthquakes, there are UFOs. The two seem to be linked, probably because the underground bases do not have tunnels or doors, but open and close the ground itself causing earthquakes to make room for the UFO to pass through (Friendship Case at Rocca Pia, Italy). And this UFO in the Fox News video is really big and would require a big tunnel to be opened and closed quickly. SCW

Watch below how the UFO leaves. This was a real UFO sighting back in 2008. I remember when it happened. I live   in Taiwan. 45 min from China. SCW


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  2. So your saying I,e. Is that the occupants that resided inside this planet where the siesmic activity occurred knew ahead of time that this event would happen & was prepared to leave to catch at the right moment a massive opening to leave at least THAT LOCAL/AREA " of operation in all likely hood to another locale on this planet perhaps or perhaps waited until the siesmic activity subsided & then decided to return, "MAYBE"...

  3. Oh btw, rumour has it that a Ocean Base exist w/in the santa monica to topanya canyon ocean area off the west LA Calif coastal region & also the RAND corp is located just driving distance to west LA to the malibu area...

    I recall seeing a canister stlyle UFO just miles past the beach over the ocean parallel to santa monica blvd & ocean approx 11:00am in 1999...

  4. on friday night 24april the weather is very very cloudy with a very little rainfall with a strong thunder but of NO sound and the next day at 12.41 what it happens in nepal kathmandu...


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