Triangle UFO Photographed Over Kansas Possible Secret Craft - NBC Kansas

Date of sighting: April 2014
Location of sighting: Wichita, Kansas, USA
Source: http://ksn.com/2014/04/16/wichitas-mystery-in-the-sky/

KSN News States:
WICHITA, Kan. — Jeff Templin is a amateur photographer. He says he’s seen it all until now. While taking pictures of wildlife back in February, something caught his eye. He said it looked like an unusual contrail. 

“Right over the city, clear as a bell,” said Templin. “Anyone that was looking up would have seen it. You don’t usually see military or even civilian aircraft’s jets that leave contrails making those kind of severe departures off of the given route.”

Templin says the aircraft made several; severe 180 degree turns in the sky in the shape of an “S”, even more unusual.
“Absolutely silent, no sound,” he said. So he snapped a few photos and took it home.

“When I put it on my computer and processed them, I was surprised to see this triangular shape that is not like anything you typically see,” he said.

Templin says he’s a big fan of air planes, so there was no doubt what he saw wasn’t….we’ll you know.

“It was one of ours or at least man made for sure, so unidentified yes, but alien, no,” he said.

We reached out to several aviation experts, including McConnell. The base told us they were unable to identify the aircraft. They did say it could be a B-2 Bomber, but couldn’t confirm it. And if it was, it wasn’t one of theirs.

There are several theories out there on the internet of what the object could be, but for now the aircraft in the sky remains a mystery.


  1. That plane left a contrail... It's not alien stuff, bit's the USAF Aurora or the Black Manta planes.

  2. what no one comments on this? this is rather important material-- great work by the photographer- a bright light around the edge may mean its close to the edge of space == a contrail would still occur in the atmosphere if it was at the edge of space...bravo what an amazing discovery- not the B2-- it has to a supersecret aircraft or spacecraft ? bravo-- great find....---DERRUFO USAF Veteran

  3. I thing this is the us aircraft security new technoligy that I always read about but although I still says that the aliens visit us. good work ;)

  4. this flew over my house 2 yrs ago, two hours east of wichita. It was very low, just past twilight. It made a humming sound and had no cantrail

  5. I seen this 2 yrs ago about two hours east of wichita. At twilight, it flew very low over my house. It had no landing gear lights and i could only see the outline. It had no contrail that i could see and it made an odd humming sound.

  6. Saw this hovering at about height of 2 story building at side of freeway. Triangle, black, moving, looked about the size of the hood of a car. Was driving on a cross country trip and figured it was a "traffic drone".


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