UFO Disk Over Netherlands On April 11, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 11, 2014
Time: 14:29:12
Location of sighting: Maassluis, Netherlands
Source: http://www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/14-04-2014/maassluizer-filmt-ufo

It's interesting that they say it disappeared into the clouds. Lots of UFO sightings have recorded UFOs coming and going from clouds. This tiny bit of info helps confirm that UFOs do use clouds to hide. SCW

News states:
A resident of Maassluis last Friday has filmed a UFO. The UFO was over a quarter visible above the Botlek. In the video the UFO observed the object has a blue color, which makes audible sounds and hangs silent a long time. Then disappears into the clouds.


  1. It d oest look to be fully disc shaped. But its unlike any aircraft I've ever seen. Could be experimental.

  2. Maybe a successor of the SR71? It looks like a plane.

  3. It looks like an American stealth fighter jet.

  4. If it was hovering for any length of time, it was not a stealth aircraft. They can't hover.


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