Travis Walton Tells Us About His Alien Abduction Experience, UFO Sighting News.

Date of abduction: November 5, 1975
Location of abduction: Snowflake, Arizona, USA
Name of eyewitness: Travis Walton
Travis Waltons Website: http://www.travis-walton.com

This has to be one of my all time favourite abductions by aliens ever. Sure there were some great ones, but not many with live eyewitnesses and so many people awake during the encounter. Loss of memory of the encounter and lack of eyewitnesses really turn me off on such things, but not here. 

Travis is one of the most credible eyewitnesses I have ever read about. Its easy to dismiss people and say they lie and everything is a hoax, but those words are created from the person subconscious fears that such an event could happen to them! The facts are fighting to say the least. So people take the easy way out..laugh and ridicule such true life events. 

This event happened. He was subjected to rigours and torturous experimentation that no human being should ever undergo. Travis is a brave person to step up and tell the world the truth about what he went though. Have you ever been called a lier for something that was true and no matter how hard you tried to explain to the person they didn't believe you...that what I mean. 

People often try to impose their (perceptual field) view of themselves and the world, onto the others and thus believe the subject is the same as themselves. But each of us are unique, and each of us has a unique view of the world. Travis is hero for telling the world his abduction, and should be treated as such. SCW

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