Ancient Face Found In Greenland, Sept 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 25, 2014
Location of discovery: North end of Greenland
Method used: Google Earth

Searching Google Earth is a lot of fun. The things you find often blow you away, for example this giant face in Greenland. It measures 191 miles (306km) by 191 (306km). Yeah, a perfect square area. This face has a broken nose in two places which tells us he was a fighter. Also he has on a feather like crown, which tells us he was a leader of a tribe of people. He must have been ten kinds of awesome to be commemorated by aliens this way. He wasn't necessarily an alien himself, but may have been a fantastic leader that raised the bar, so they wanted the future humans to one day find this face and remember him. Also please notice the smaller faces inside this faces hat area. He is remembered. SCW


  1. You know what. Love what you do. I think more should do it. Your obsession with faces is a bit out there. Ufologists don't agree that there's always a base or something to find under a face. That is totally false.I'm afraid what your looking at is a natural ice formation. By next year it will look different. Also Google only updates every few years. So your probably looking at an old photo. Don't think any alien can plan for ice to melt that way.

  2. a face....really?? I feel this is a big reach.. :/


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