Square UFO Causes Lightning Storm Over St. Louis, Caught By TV Crew, Sept 1, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: September 1, 2014
Location of sighting: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
News Source: http://fox2now.com/2014/09/03/was-a-ufo-captured-during-a-st-louis-newscast-we-analyze-the-footage/

I watched this video, pausing and starting it every second to see it slowly. When I did I discovered this UFO is actually a flat square shape. It moves incredibly fast across the screen in just 2 seconds from the 7sec mark to the 9, but we can see its shape perfectly at the 8 sec mark. This UFO probably caused the lightning storm from the crafts advanced propulsion and cloaking systems mixed with a high static cloud. SCW
Fox 2 Now News States:
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A Labor Day lightning storm put on a spectacular show for St. Louis Monday night. Some of the storm’s flashes were used during live cut-aways during the FOX 2’s nightly newscast.  Some viewers say they saw something strange at around 9:07pm.
Anchor Shirley Washington explains that meteorologist Chris Higgins will be giving updates on the severe weather in the area throughout the newscast.  Over her voice is a view from FOX 2’s roof camera.  During that shot something flashes across the screen.  The flying object is illuminated by flashes of lightning.  In the blink of an eye it is gone. (More at source).


  1. Saw the same object in Florida (Volusia County) several months ago but there was no lightning; just a silent square box moving through the sky. I was walking my dog and he was 'spooked'. Several evenings later the same object was recorded over Disney by one of the local news shows

    1. Sounds like the same UFO seen over Stephenville, Texas back in 2008. It flew right over the Bush ranch when Bush was in office. Was 300 meters by 200 meters across with many large propulsion circles in its bottom. Here is a video of that event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp7RzY5sDFo

      If you got a URL to the video of that UFO over Disney or Florida, drop it here, may use it as a post. Thanks SCW

  2. I saw this craft on my way to Calgary Canada. It stayed in one spot for over an hour. First i thought it was a cloud but the cloud had stright line.Nature does not make straight lines.

  3. Your close ups are even better than CNNs. Keep it up!

  4. This was pitch black during the day. I have pictures although they are not great. We were on ohr way home from a family trip when we saw it around 6 pm. It was blue skys with a perfectly cut rectangle pitch black with no glares or anything whatsoever. Ive been searching everywhere for more info, and finally came across this. Straight line black square in the sky just makes no logical sense, and still trying to make sense of it.


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