U.S. Physicist: Alien nuclear bomb wiped out Mars civilisation, Nov 2014, UFO Sighting News.

News Source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/odd%20news/us-physicist-alien-nuclear-bomb-wiped-out-mars-civilization/article/416731
PDF Science Article: http://journalofcosmology.com/JOC24/Brandenburg.pdf

Digital Journal states:
A U.S. physicist claims evidence that an ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by nuclear bomb-armed aliens. He warns that evidence of a past nuclear attack on Mars raises concerns about a similar attack on Earth.

Dr John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist, obtained his PhD from the University of California, Davis. He is an expert in propulsion technologies and a former consultant on Space Missile Defense and Directed Energy Weapons. He currently conducts research work at Orbital Technologies in Madison Wisconsin.

Brandenburg is scheduled to present on Saturday, at the 2014 Annual Fall meeting of the American Physical Society Prairie Section in Monmouth, Illinois, the astounding theory that a nuclear bomb wiped out an ancient Mars civilisation. (More at source).


  1. I read the abstract to his presentation; he has to be the first scientist to state there is strong evidence of eroded archeological objects. Finally a scientist who has courage and common sense and 20/20 vision.

    "Analysis of new images from Odyssey, MRO and Mars Express orbiters now show strong evidence of eroded archeological objects at these sites."

  2. Well, fuck! If that is the case, I wonder what could've caused who to resort to a nuclear holocaust, or in other words, what amounted to xenocide?

    If it is any comfort, I suspect if the same civilization is still in the Sol System that committed this atrocity, if they had intended to wipe us out, they could've done so a very long time ago.

    Ironic that now that the Air Force supposedly has their Solar Warden (Star Fleet or Earth Defense Force would've had a much better ring to it, but nobody ever asks me!), they would have to contend with that, before they could go about nuking us.

    And I suspect that the Air Force might even have, in addition to possible surface to orbit energy weapons, nuclear weapons modified for surface to orbit strikes.

    Hey, it's what I'd do, if I knew there was a foreign power, with the possible capabilities to strike us from orbit!

    I suspect that they've known about this for a long time, and might be the main reason that they want to keep these interesting ruins out of the public eye.

    1. BINGO, your on to it...

      What happened on mars eons ago CAN HAPPEN HERE TOO & the global pwr brokers in the know realizes this imo...

    2. Now, the trillion dollar question is: were they wiped out because they were aggressive against extraterrestrial civilizations that journeyed into our solar system, or did they become too advanced to the point of becoming a plausible threat, and were wiped out in a preemptive strike, regardless of their disposition?

      Clearly, it might not be such a bad idea to try get on these visitor's good side. Not to the point that we're doing anything to put our sovereignty or security at risk, but at least going out of our way to show that we don't wish them harm or conflict.
      I hope that the PTB have been wise enough to go about that way. It is fortunate that the E.T.s have not seen being shot at, and nukes being detonated on Luna, as an act of war.

      If they do decide to wipe us out, we'd probably would have been better off if the public be made aware of this, and the world worked together to develop defensive measures for a conflict that we hoped never would happen. The downside would be if the dominant thought was that these E.T.s are definitely an enemy that means us harm, as opposed to just having the technology to wipe us out.

    3. That's the trick the NWO might pull so watch it. A fake alien threat is a great way to make a one world government. Ronald Regan speech at the UN, is a indicator that they have thought of it

  3. innovation sucked into by imagination! Too much frantic investigation is my opinion!

  4. Boots, boots,& more boots.17554139


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