Professor Finds Live Coming From Space During Experiment, Jan 2015, UFO Sighting News.

We heard a few months ago about Russian astronauts cleaning the space station solar panels and finding extremely large plankton growing on them, but NASA tried to say it came up from the ocean. Russians ignored NASAs response. Here we have a professor with further evidence from orbit of life coming into our atmosphere from space. This brave soul dares to challenge todays scientific community by saying this. A hero if you ask me. SCW

News states: 
Your Discovery Science recently travelled to Sheffield university for an exclusive interview with Professor Milton Wainwright who claims to have found a life in space.

Milton and his team conducted an experiment where they sent a weather balloon fitted with 27 pockets to space. In one of the pockets they discovered a living bacteria which was too large to have come from earth. 

Does this prove there is life beyond our planet? Does this change the way we think life is created? Check out the interview to find out more.

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