UFO Summoning Event Gets Big Surprise Over California, Jan 25, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 25, 2015
Location of sighting: Hollydale, California, USA

This group of UFO hunters decided to try to focus their thoughts on calling UFOs to them. This sounds crazy at first, but the truth is that in 50-100 years our technology will be able to read minds and thoughts from a long ways away, so for aliens with thousands, millions or billions of years of evolution on us, certainly they have these important tools.

This looks like an entity shining though a cloaked window of a craft. Like an open curtain allowing light to shine though on a dark night. 

The more people thinking the same thoughts...the stronger the signal for the aliens to catch on radar. No special powers or gifts are needed, just you...your belief and focus. SCW


  1. I too feel that Aliens' technology is more advanced than what we think present. So i too cannot believe this type of old thoughts. If we believe it, that means, we under estimate Aliens. I don't like that.

  2. That's the way I met them many years ago. When I was a kid I called them in my mind many times, with my best feelings on my heart. After their kind Manifestations I'm not interested to "summon" them for my eyes only, but to our kind finally start a high level diplomatic relationship to change once and for all our primitive paradigms leading humanity and the environment to disaster.

    Some people that heard my story tried also to call them by curiosity, with good will, and they had their own experiences as I was told.

    1. Woah. That seems legit and cool. I have seen an UFO like a few years ago, 5 or 6. I wish if i could do what you have mentioned... Maybe next time :P

  3. I have a question about this . If you can make them appear by doing this , which species appears?

  4. I have a hard time believing in this . And if you can do this why would you . I don't know much about aliens , other than that they do exist and I dont trust them . To me its like playing with a Ouija board . I wouldn't dabble with that either.

  5. Ellos son seres de luz como ángeles que vienen a limpiar el planeta de la alta contaminación, estan todo el tiempo y nos protegen de los que realmente nos pueden hacer daño como los negros que se alimentan del odio de la gente de la radioactividad.


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