Alien Body Inside Glass Box At Museum Within 1940s Photo Negative, Feb 2015, -video- UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Feb 4, 2015
Slide Box Media site: http://slideboxmedia.com

Check this out. A person came into so old negatives from the 1940s. With many interesting photos of famous people in history mix it, it created a lot of unanswered questions for the viewers. Two of the negatives contain photos of an alien body less than a meter high inside of a glass box at a museum. 

Of course, with todays tech it would be easy to fake these, but is it a publicity stunt or is this real? To me, it looks real and should be taken seriously, but it seems that they are making some kind of documentary around this so it may be some time before they finish it and we can get an honest look at those two negatives that show the alien. SCW

Kodachrome states: 
In 1998 a box of slides was discovered near Sedona, AZ. Two of the slides show a very unusual body in a glass case. This is what we know so far.


  1. This looks interesting. I'm looking forwards to seeing what it yields.

  2. this is fantastic will be nice if they release these negatives on the net

  3. Sounds great! The Classic "granny's box" with the forgiven jewel!!!

    1. It wasn't in a sarcastic way....i mean to say that you open a forgotten box whit a lot of useless stuff and you find the little treasure.....
      Are you German or Dutch Steefan?

    2. I already told you Steph. I am Belgian :-)

  4. La strada della rivelazione è lunga e percorsa a piccoli passi , ogni tanto qualcuno mette una freccetta segnaletica .


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