Cool Tweet By Buzz Aldrin Today At Stonehenge, March 17, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of Tweet: March 17, 2015
Person Tweeting: Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut
Twitter account: @TheRealBuzz

This is a really cool tweet from the man that walked on the moon...Buzz Aldrin. In the tweet he included a photo of himself at Stonehenge exposing his chest to the sky showing off his foundations T-shirt with the bold words, "GET YOUR ASS TO MARS!" At the age of 85, this guy still has cool all over him. With 2,500 retweets it looks like a lot of people agree with him. Stay cool Buzz. SCW

Buzz Aldrin tweet says:
While at yesterday I decided to send a message to the cosmos. (Photo by James O.Davies).


  1. Buzz Aldrin is one of the guys who helped NASA to lie about going to the moon,
    Oh yeah i beleive that they went to the moon, just on the day we get played some pre-made video in a studio when they was really walking on the moon,
    NASA and the powers that be could not have had the human people of earth seeing potential e.t. interactions and or technology,
    The way that i see it, i cant remember the guys name now but he went to see all three of them, he even offered one $5.000 dollars to place there hand on the bible and swear they walked on the moon, suffice to say he didnt swear on the bible,
    which leads me to believe that if it was true then he would have done it in a heart beat, not come up with some crap about the guy being disrespectful because he burst into a meeting he was having,
    Just my own opinion on the matter

    1. One was Bart Sibrel. Here he interviews astronauts who are confused, evasive, and downright honery. These astronauts cast huge doubt that they landed on the moon or exited earths atmosphere. I belive they are all liars. Buzz Aldrin is especially dishonest because he makes large speaking fees. Neil Armstrong went into hiding I think out of shame. Some astronauts have been silenced.


  2. From the man that ALLEGEDLY walked on the moon. Unfortunately there is much stronger evidence that he did not walk on the moon vs than he did.

    He knows that he hasn't been honest with the American people who financed his space adventures. The American public have been cheated by NASA and the Moon landing program.

    Buzz is no hero.

  3. Buzz Aldrin = Fraud, Liar, Betrayer of the American People


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