UFO Appears on Live News Feed in Shawnee, Oklahoma March 12, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 12, 2015
Location of sighting: Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA
New Source: http://www.koco.com/news/professors-solve-mystery-of-flying-light-across-oklahoma-sky/31783896

Update on March 21, 2015: Added one more video since the other video was deleted by the person that uploaded it.

Why is it people us the word junk so much? Everything from their sex parts, to an old classic 68 Camaro, to a painted over Leonardo DaVinci painting found in a used furniture store for two dollars. Its overused and misused. They cannot call this space debris unless they have statistical data that proves that it is from a government or military rocket or satellite. Junk? No way! Wheres the proof? This is a UFO. As of late, UFOs have been shooting across live camera scenes and shows for the past few weeks. This is their plan, to break into the public view, little by little. Humanity is like a young horse, you can break it and train it fast, but not without breaking its spirit, or you can gentle it and give it time to adjust to its destiny. SCW

News states: 
It’s been a day since the KOCO morning team caught a mysterious light flying across the sky near the Grand Casino in Shawnee. But what exactly was it? KOCO’s Bree Steffen went to Rose State College to get to the bottom of it.
“It’s obviously an unidentified flying object, it is a UFO,” Professor Steven Fowler said. Professors Steve Carano and Steven Fowler put their heads together and came up with the most likely answer. “Maybe a small meteorite the size of less than a pea or even smaller,” Carano said. “These things come in, they’re glowing hot and the trajectory is too straight.” Fowler agreed. “Most likely a meteorite or could be a piece of space junk,” he said. The professors also ruled out an optical illusion or a moving light source as the cause. Carano says it was just too fast and sharp, and no light was being diffused as it moved across the sky. “We don’t think this is anything intelligent, alien life,” Carano joked. “This is probably either a satellite from outer space that has burned up or more probably like a meteor that’s come on in and burned out.”