UFO In Orbit Near International Space Station, March 4, 2015, Video from NASA Live Feed, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 4, 2015
Location of sighting: International Space Station

This UFO was seen this week at the International Space Station, which its name itself is a contradictory of terms, since the Chinese were not invited, but the USA just hands over 100% controlled to communist Russia. 

Streetcap1 of Youtube caught this UFO. The light reflection off of its surface is indication that this is a solid craft that we are looking at. As the suns light diminishes, so does the light reflecting off of this UFO. If I had to make a guess at its distance, I would say 75-150 meters away. If I'm wrong, then its bigger than any of us could imagine. SCW


  1. Great catch Streetcap1 , I love these ISS sightings , my internet is slow so I dont get to watch the live view as much as I like to , but when I did I was never disappointed, I usually seen one every few days . I think these sightings are the best , hardest to debunk.

  2. Man gotta give it up to streetcap1 Always catching things the rest of the world would probably never see or hear about these sightings thnks to the dedication this persons puts into this.

  3. Have you ever seen other shapes of these? What about a very long blue horizontal puffy smokie Cloud out there ? Just curious.....thx.

  4. Blue Cloud seen again. Looks like a nose. Anyone explain ?? thx

  5. Crazy. I'm a believer

  6. I caught the same pic only slightly closer to the iss. How do I upload it?


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