UFO Seen From Passenger Jet Over Liverpool, England On April 2015, UFO sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 2015
Location of sighting: Liverpool, England

News states:
An airline passenger enjoying the view from his window seat was surprised to capture on camera what appears to be a UFO.
The video shows an epic view of the UK as the plane flies through the clouds, but, in the distance, a small bright object appears, travelling alongside the aircraft.

Some may say that the footage has been tampered with, or that the unusual shape in question is perhaps a bird or another aircraft. A close-up of the object at the end of the video sheds no further light on the subject. So what is it?

The footage comes after another UFO sighting in Liverpool over the weekend, and since then more people in the area have come forward to share their extra-terrestrial encounters.

The Liverpool Echo reports of nine UFO encounters that happened on Merseyside, with readers sharing their various experiences on the newspaper's website.

On Sunday, a local also posted to the site ufostalker.com about a strange object hovering outside their window in Formby.
'The light looked like a star but bigger, wrote the spotter. 'It was bright white and the light was throbbing and pulsating from it - at first I thought it was a plane, but I realised later that it couldn't have been because the object was stationary.'


  1. It looks just like the transfiguring ufo you posted that the meditating guy summoned

  2. You clearly didn't watch this one all the way through. ^-^ The transformation one could of been an misidentified mylar figure 8 balloon perhaps but this object takes off at high speed faster then the airplane. Also note that it goes in a different angled course after losing its matching speed perhaps interest in the plane.


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