Many Glowing UFOs over San Diego, California On May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 2015
Location of sighting: San Diego, California, USA
Source: http://www.discoversd.com/news/2015/may/01/ufo-spotted-san-diego/

Remember I told you I saw white glowing balls of light in the sky over Taiwan on May 1st at midnight? Well they either they came from or went to San Diego and at the speed I saw them traveling, they would arrive there in about an hour or less. SCW

News states:
Tuesday night, several San Diegans spotted mysterious lights in the sky, and one witness snagged a picture.
According to NBC 7/39, viewer Larry Fox sent them a picture of “a string of multicolored lights.”

Taken in his backyard, Fox said “it was a series of flashing lights, if it was a plane, it would have moved.” He described them as "red, blue and green" lights that “kept flashing and changing colors.”

According to NBC 7/39, Fox wasn't the only person to see the lights -- they received multiple reports from viewers, as well as a NBC photographer.

Real or fake, this is far from the first time a UFO has been spotted in San Diego.

In fact, local musician Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 claims to have witnessed multiple UFOs over San Diego on the night of Monday, August 25, 2014. 

An active UFO researcher, the Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves rocker once posted on Facebook:
LAST NIGHT UFO IN SAN DIEGO!! Hahaah yes!! My wife and I followed it for 30 min, a fleet of cars were pulled over watching it with us. Some said they were watching it for an hour. It was 2 sets of lights, going in and out and popping up in different locations.… HAHHA YES I WAS THERE. Does anyone know how happy I am!!??


  1. Further proof of existence of our space brothers and sisters. Full disclosure coming soon.

  2. Listen to Alien Hour...

  3. I believe you need a good helping of skepticism to become a true believer. First off Iwish we could see a daylight view of that area. My thought is that it may be lights from a structure on a hill. Second question why does the video end before the lights move or turn off. If you have any more info on this sighting I would be interested to hear. Thanks

  4. Not that I doubt you, Scott, but this is on the NBC News official website... So this is a legit sighting.

    1. It's legit! http://www.nbcsandiego.com/video/#!/on-air/as-seen-on/Mysterious-Lights-Spotted-South-of-San-Diego/301834411

  5. hi guys,

    in the beginning, I assumed that the UFO of 23 April 2015 (Calbuco Volcano, Chile) and 29 April 2015 (Pampanga, Philippines) were the same. I traced a line on google earth between the two places of observation. after, I searched if a UFO had been seen in that area. I find this :

    26 March 2015 Night Darwin, Northern Territory 10 secs IFO-helicopter?
    "Shane Marcus, aged 45, of Nakara said he saw the same green light. He was standing in the rain and saw "...a green light with a red tail travelling west over the Royal Darwin Hospital before descending out of sight below the tree line." He said it wasn't a helicopter. "It was coming down like a meteorite but not as fast." The article says Mr Marcus said he suspected it was space junk."


    Now , with a line between 29 April 2015 ( (Pampanga, Philippines) and 3 May 2015 (San Diego, California), i find this :

    04/04/2015 05:10 UTC - over Santa Cruz, california
    "It was A GIANT cheveron or triangle. A single light in front and three lights down each side on bottom. it was solid, blocking out the stars behind it"


    coincidence ?

    i think it could be a way (for this UFO or ...for "autre chose") with flashing lights (seen from different angles). keep your eyes open.



  6. From what I gathered from the video, I believe the lights were more red, white and blue and this sighting might have a lot to do with AMERICA. However, our government (as customary) is not letting us in on it.

  7. Why only 27 second video???

  8. I saw these lights I would say almost identical arrangement from my front yard about May 8 , 2015 they would have been over the Indian ocean ( to the west ) I am in Perth, Western Australia . They were a great distance away and stationary.I am on a slightly elevated spot , they were not street lights, pol air chopper, jet liner or Military. I tried to disregard them until I saw a news item on our local news regarding a sighting in U.S where media reported it was told not to continue discussing the sighting. The pattern was also similar.I am fairly level headed and had dismissed my mothers sighting of a UFO some 30 years ago, but am now re thinking everything I have previously believed. It has influenced me enough to for the first time search UFO sightings on the web .I never took a photo as I didn't really think I was seeing what I was seeing. Something else I will have to come to terms with. DB

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