May 15, 2015

Person Catches Alien Walking In Trail In Budapest, March 25, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 25, 2015
Location of sighting: Budapest, Hungary
News Source:
News states:
The man submitting the report, who did not provide a name, says he was walking through the woods in the early afternoon of March 25 when he spotted the oddity standing in the middle of a trail.

“A bright sphere floated in front of him,” he reported to MUFON. ” I took out my mobile phone, and I did a photograph.”

The image shows a metallic spider-like object with four legs that appears to be holding a round, bright orange object.
The man says he can’t remember what happened after taking the photograph.

“I only know that the creature disappeared,” he said, wondering whether it was an “alien”.

Image analysts tell Cryptozoology News that the picture was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone on the date originally reported by the eyewitness. It does not, initially, appear to have been doctored with image editing software, such as Photoshop. It is not clear why the man did not record a video of the alleged object.


  1. fake! hint: shadow

  2. Verrry creepy!!! Could be a grey? If I seen this on a lonely road in Budapest, I would probably faint

  3. No video because it's probably a fake. But it COULD be a real EBE of some kind. Not quite a Zeta Reticuli Grey, but who knows? There does seem to be at least 4 or more small Grey beings with "spindly" bodies, arms, legs.. biodiversity... Personally, I can't wait to meet these beings - I just hope they aren't all robots.. or plant beings!

  4. The shadow of it doesn't align with its surrounds. Other shadows are toward the side of the trees. except the thing its 100% behind it clearly fake.

  5. Look at the shadows

  6. Fake fake fake. Come on man, I come here because occasionally you post some good stuff. This, however is VERY easy to disprove. It's claimed that this was tested for photoshop? unlikely as the Shadow produced by the "creature" does not match the shadows produced by the trees. (see the tree to the right, the shadow is towards the left, meaning the sun was on the right side when the picture was taken. where as the "creature"s shadow is facing in a completely different direction.) the shadows cast by objects should NOT be at different angles.

    1. Looks like he's taking a dump..

  7. The Tree shadow could be under the tree and a little out just like the one in the back of the trail. same with under the little thing and the orb. Not saying its real but that tree shadows don't show much. but what do you want like him walking to it and saying hi? cant please the population of viewers. how knows until you see it for yourself.

  8. How fake, and it's not easy to walk with 4 legs all in front of the body.

  9. The shadows of the thing does not match the shadows of the trees along the path the aledged creature is suppose to be walking, & spk'ing of walking, the four limbs it has & its hind legs dont seem to offer much of a BALANCED support for it imo, yes i do agree on that this could very well be a CGI inhanced creature cartoon thats indicated by prior bloggers on this Scott, tho this is posted all over the web & i do know no fault of your own doing mind you, & a number of ridiculous postings by of course sources thats unknown tho whom i feel are paid uploaders, & or agents of some alphabet soup acrynom soundin governmental agencie UC to psychologically now mind my french Scott & my fellow blogging crew here, "Mind Fuck" a good portion of the global masses to cause I,g. A neg reaction if indeed contact w/a particularly STRONG but PEACEFULL race of advanced humaniod BELEVOLENT ET's instead of the MELEVOLENT guys thats been trading advance drone & atmospheric scalar weaponry just to name a few advancements since the 1st persian gulf war imo....

    Yes everyone it seems on the WEB that there are a number of CGI enhanced storys of the UFO phenomenon showin up like mushrooms now, & one ridiculous CGI enhanced UFO vid on the WEB ala You Tube is showing a UFO that so called attacked enemy forces in the middle east, Crappola just like that & more UC & & & YT if is not 1/2 id say its 2/3rds BS on the UFO sub nowadays...

    See for yourself some of the CGI enhanced crap thats comming out on this subject THRU OUT THE WEB...

  10. the shadows r way way off aside from the kinda ridiculous Alien itself. I cant get on board with this one.

  11. But aliens can cast their shadow anyway they want, and cloack ufo's as cloads.
    So i guess we have an invasion here today !

  12. why did he not record it on his phone.

  13. might be a local,

  14. I'm sure it doesnt use all four limbs to balance. I'm sure the person who created this expected people to think it was conjuring up the light orb that is visible, take it as art! or at least see. Also the orb could be bright enough to cast the shadow behind him. That is an explanation for both of the main concerns here. But who knows. Not me. Further investigation and inspection is always going to help one find if something is true.