Skywatcher who filmed UFOs says he was quizzed by men in black, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 2013
Location of sighting: Sydney, Australia
News Source: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/skywatcher-who-filmed-ufos-says-he-was-quizzed-by-men-in-black-20150821-gj4ma9.html

MIB paid a visit to this guy in Australia who was seeing these UFOs over his neighbourhood, and he even recorded lots of visits by their black helicopters. In the screenshot above he missed a very big cloaked UFO in the scene. It happens at 8 seconds into the video, and its really fast, so you will have to pause it to see it. If I was this guy, I would set up five digital cameras with night vision capabilities, and put them on live recorded cam for the Internet to see. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
There is an intriguing story in the documentary from Kiama told by Liam Freaney. He's a builder, married with two kids and is a pretty regular kind of guy who, two years ago, had no particular interest in UFOs or staring up at the heavens. But in March 2013, he and a workmate saw in the daylight, bright stars gathering around a ball of white light which disappeared and reappeared before being approached by what he describes as a F18 Super Hornet. Then everything vanished. A few months later he started seeing objects regularly and bought a video camera to film them. But then things, he says, took a slightly sinister turn. Helicopters started hovering low over his house. "I would see and film an object then directly afterwards I would get home and a helicopter would show up and sit over the house," he said. "So I started filming the helicopters as well as the unidentified flying objects. It happened over and over again, 20 or 30 times at least. "When they hover the height of a lamp post above your house and lean out the window it's definitely not military training." "These things will go invisible in front of you then reappear then shoot across the sky into a pinprick and then come straight back in front of you at incredible speed. Maybe I have filmed something I shouldn't have. That's a possibility." He got in touch with Damien Nott and with Mariana Flynn, president of UFO Research NSW. She said they had reports of black helicopters flying over numerous homes. "There have been reports of people leaning out of the helicopter with a camera and filming," she said. Mr Freaney was last year going to give a talk about his experience to her UFO group. The event had been publicised on the internet. It was two weeks before the talk and he was near home when he noticed a car behind him. "It had flashing lights inside the front grill. It was a black car. I stopped. Two guys got out of the black Holden Statesman with a Canberra plate. "One approached the window and he said: 'Good day Liam, how are you?' I said 'This is really strange.' He said: 'Yep, but you know what it is about. We'd like it if you didn't do your talk.' They said it would be better off for me to keep my mouth shut and to have a good day and then left." He decided it might be wise not to give the talk. Now he has changed his mind. "I am well aware of the situation I am putting myself in," he said. "The purpose of this whole two and a half years of contact that has happened to me I believe is for me to pass on the message that it is happening and that it is real. The only thing I have got out of it is to tell people what I am seeing."


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  2. Great work of making film on UFO. The invention of camera is highly remarkable they can be used to capture such unidentified objects easily and can help in providing security surveillance.

  3. It could be a worldwide psychological project.And thats the reason why those hidden idiots wanna scare their own people.Or all of earth.Or its a problem of more groups behind all this.Some of the aliens arr here since our beginning ?And maybe protected us.From natural and unnatural problems./dangers.Some are good some are bad.Or not so good.Like written on the anunaki stones.But fact is...the governments know nothing ,meaning the elected one.I guess there re some interested groups that pull out profit .For themself.Not for us all here on earth.I guess that every nation build there own spaceships.And do not tell the public.And shut down or attacked ufos.But maybe this idiots working with the wrong ones? And the protecting race are the attacked ones now.One species outthere helped us.For a long time.If it would be otherwise ...we wouldn't be here anymore.Thats just a feeling.It could be wrong.But fact is...noone can understand why our own people should act like this? Frighten people? From black helicopters? And faked alien abductions? WTF? Why? Why should anyone do this? On this planet? Makes that any sense? Do anybody outthere? But one thing could be the real deal ...That america was hidden conquered.And that w.explajn this MIBs.And their weird actions.But i really don't hope its true.Please not...All the best ,to all truthhunters outthere.As you all know....the truth is still outthere....And all liars can go to the place where the sun don't shine.


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