Crater Jansen Is Dome Alien City With Hole Blown Through On Our Moon, Sept 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 17, 2015
Location of discovery: Crater Jansen, Earths Moon
Google coordinates: 13°44'33.81"N 28° 8'57.68"E

Guys you won't believe it, but I found a black dome over a crater on our moon. The dome looks like its damaged, because there is a large circular white hole on the upper left of it. The dome is black to block out the sunlight and radiation. Remember how UFO reports of aliens with dark eyes, which are really eyelids that pull back to reveal their real eyes? Well, this was created by one of those species. That hole doesn't look like it was but there, because its inner line of the hole looks torn apart. Maybe it was an attack, but most likely it was abandoned long ago, and looters had to blow a hole large enough for their ship to fit through. Also notice that this dome is in the middle of all NASAs landing sites. Now you know why NASA wanted to go there. Alien tech!
Scott C. Waring


  1. Interesting find Scott, but being the dome is a180degee cup covering say any moon or mars hustling bustling metropolis, just like Brooklyn Ny Ny see, & say perhaps the dome was translucent for instance w/ the capability of darkening just like the transition lens thats used on prescription glasses to reduce say UV rads from the sun ect, OK now brace yourself...

    What if...

    What if Scott that what we see as a dark dome might have been a translucent dome @ 1st thats now darken w/ soot & ash after a huge explosion then shortly vast smolderin fire under the dome that might have darkened it perhaps????

    Just sayin.

  2. And of course for that exotic ET tech Scott w/ out a dought, also military strategic strong holds in certain locales & mineral extractions, real reasons they wont tell the world for in my mind yes indeed, tho i am suspicious that weve been lead on during the Apollo yrs w/ fake reasons for exploration on the moon that they claimed for the good of man kind ect ect ect that they used to drill in our minds, they even shown purposely made media movie prod's describing what they wanted US & the world to see & believe, while behind the scenes the decendents of the paper clip crew whos now the SSP were already stationed in safe designated locales on & possibly also underground the moon & possibly mars even, yes already there during those Apollo moon launching yrs on safe designated base locales that was given to them by the powerfull host of the moon & quite possibly even mars back then...

    Now brace yourselves @ your control modules crewmates & put on your thk'ing helmets so that you can ponder this in ease & thoughtfulness, ok ready set here goes...

    The Sec Gov & the SSP dont want to give this Jetson lifestyle on both worlds up, & if any contingency plans were to bring up any human civilians to both the moon & mars it would be reserved for the so called elite traders of this worlds escape plans if the crap hits the turbo fans that ofcourse they partly created aside from a large scale world wide natural catastrophe down here im reckonin, just one of the reasons im theorizing that possibly SSP operatives are as of now sabotaging start up private non military related public space transportation co start ups, such as Space X & Bigalow Space Co, UC or dont C...

    Ok adjust your thk'ing helmets consciousness expander tuner crewmates & slowly turn that dial located near the grn & blue LED on the helmets left side until you see the images in on your visor & you feel & see it in your minds eye as clear as night & day ok.


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