Giant Grey V UFO Seen Over Several Cities In California On Sept 27, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 27, 2015
Location of sighting: Across California, USA
Source: MUFON

This V shaped UFO was seen hovering in the sky over California last night. It was seen in many cities in California. Reports are still coming in. I will try to get them up ASAP. 

I believe that because so many people  were busy looking at the night sky to see to Lunar eclipse that aliens may have been interested in our...interest. We are low level thinkings, but at this moment, many  were thinking about a high level phenomenon beyond Earth. 
Scott C. Waring

One eyewitness states (#70928):
Driving home after dinner with wife and baby... time was 8:40pm and while driving north on CA 133 from Laguna Beach CA to Irvine CA (Quail Hill) area, noticed a massive V shaped cloud over a what appears to be a very large area of southern Orange County. My wife took several photos of which one has been included. I had to adjust lighting/contrast to get the V to become visible. The photo was taken with an iPhone and because it was dark outside, it is not too clear. I observed the cloud for about an hour as it was stationery. Both sides of the V were identical in length and in thickness. The "cloud" seemed to be separated from surrounding clouds by a clear margin all the way around, as if the V was pushing aside all other cloud. During the hour that I was watching the "V", the low level clouds around it would change shape, move away, dissipate and do normal cloud things, except the "V" always stood still and always managed to maintain a margin of clear sky around it. I was getting tired and went to bed. Around 9:45.


  1. Yeah NASA came out today and declared there is running water on Mars. Yeah think!? I think you knew that info years ago.
    One question tho... If they take a shuttle to Mars would you go?

    1. Those Eggheads! NASA was created on a foundation of lies.

      Would I go to Mars...with NASA? Then who would write this blog? Only if they let me drive.

    2. Lol.....I hear you man.. With NASA (idiots) I do understand your concern.

      You know I always thought that some mega billionaire would've built their own private shuttle..but I guess that dream got squashed ...seems like there was some talk about people buying trips to the moon.

    3. He did his name is Richard branson, if it stops blowing up on test flights, spaceex would be happy to build anything for the right price.. Maybe someone already has and then we're reporting them as ufo?

  2. This was the perfect time for extraterrestrials to make their presence known. Half the world was probably looking toward the sky to catch a glimpse of the eclipse. Unfortunately where I live it was raining and cloudy and I couldn't see anything. But apparently alot of people saw something more than an eclipse that night. Great to see multiple reports throughout the state of CA of what appears to be the same object.

  3. I knew orange county has people coming from all over to try their meth but this is ridiculous!

    1. Hey, I was born in East Los Angeles! We don't have Meth in Taiwan, we have breath mints.

  4. Haha nice one, now I have cheech's song stuck in my head mate,, born in east l.a, .... The way things are I think your in the better country these days, putin and China will unfortunately get it over america I'm afraid.that's why I like to look at action not of this earth it's quieter up there.


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