Ancient Mayan Statue Found On Mars Surface, Oct 2015, UFO Sighting News.

 This statue is darker, black, which tells us there are alien species that are black and Africans on Earth are probably descendants of them. 

Date of discovery: Oct 18, 2015
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/179828

I found some anomalies in this mars panoramic photo. It took me about 5 minutes, and I am sure I missed a lot, but this is the cream of the crop. The most significant item was a small statue of a face (above). Its black and has an odd ear shape and hair line. It also has a shoulder guard between its head and shoulders. The color is unique to all of its surroundings. Its eyes are large and it even has a crown like object on its head. 

I also found a lot more, you can check them out below. I found several crashed or abandoned ships, some buildings and more. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Life on Mars

  2. Yes Scott, thats part of the big prob in this mars puzzle why there hesitating on a definitive mars disclosure if not more pic clarity to the gen global pub, in my mind the Sec Gov & those Break Aways those racist SOB's do not want & cant stand to fathome that a once paradise of planet such as ancient mars harbored primarily dark skined races of human humaniods utilizin Hi Spiritulism & Hi Technology, & in some case combined the two tens of thousands of yrs ago if not millions, while down here on earth they those Sec Gov & Break Away types early earth forefathers were still in caves UC, or your just not trying to C...

    Ok ive heard a rumor once from a ex pasadena JPL individual that the tropical paradise type planets w/ plenty of greenery, water & sun rays may infact harbour the darker humanoid races thru out this star sys, now remember i did not say this, but hey it would not surprise me one bit, however where did my decendents of this solar sys if not galaxy come from was it the colder greyer planets, as of me a over fed long haired & bearded chaulky white tall leapin nome who really likes cold weather since i can remember from childhood...

    Where the muck are we the cacasoid race of the human humaniods crew mates on board Scotts ship come from in the solar sys/universe, & where mind you were our genetic ancestors place in ancient mars past, do we as the cacasion race of humand humaniod beings have a insatiable thurst to try to conqure where ever the hell we travel to if craps not to our standards even IF ITS NOT OURS,???...

  3. Come to thk of it that discoidal space ship looks very very interesting to look at closely, but man would it be neat if NASA had permission to release the Hi Def close ups of those vehicals that i do thk they have, i mean why not them being a so called exploratory space agency, however not for our eyes only occording to NASA's higher ups in the pyramidal structure of things, & also i suspect that theyve seen martian homeless of various types & sizes living inside those abandoned crafts & ruins etc too...

    A harshly whole diff ball game up there stranded in a what would be to US a potentially dangerous in so many ways being stuck in a strange martian outback region/regions that i can only imagine, & i havent yet seen that dumb movie titled "The Martian", & ya know why, example will that movie cast light on info we discuss here, hell im doughting it very seriously" UC im untrusting nowadays w/ hollywoods forms of visual propaganda vetted from governmental alphabet soup acrynon spelled agencies that seems to have vast control of hollywood @ a snap of sec agents finger so2spk imo, tho ill see the movie eventually just from AhHum, Curiosity pun intended.


    1. After observing this over & over & over & over & over again, the obvious discoidal space ship on the 1st pic if looked at closely i see around it land areas thats clearly been photo air brushed away around the saucer looking & now derilect vehical, it brings to mind that there could have been other things around it such as homeless surface martians & varioua critters that the presenters of this deliberately lift out possibly feeling it would be a little to politically correct or to to controversial for a slow break there gradually giving US in disclosure regarding mars imo.

  4. Wow.. stones, and quality is so perfect for fooling people. You can see anything he suggests, look closely and logically and you will see the truth which is those are just the pics of stones...


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