Japanese Find Ancient UFO In Mountains Of Kumano Mie, Oct 17, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Oct 17, 2015
Location of sighting: Kumano Mie, Japan

Here is a disk shaped area of land that many in Japan believe to be an ancient UFO that landed and was covered over through the years. I have to admit the shape is unique and there the center does have a raised area on it. 

Sorry the translation is just not working, but I will put the original Japanese below.
Scott C. Waring

撮影地を探して山中を歩くこと1時間半。尾根から斜面を下ると急に視界が開け、眼下に­は川にぐるりと取り囲まれた、丸い島のような地形が広がっていた。 三重県熊野市の木津呂集落は、北側の一部以外を北山川が取り囲み、馬の蹄鉄のような形­になっている。住人はわずか11人。人よりも鹿やイノシシ、猿のほうが多いともいわれ­る。川を往来する観光ジェット船のエンジン音以外に聞こえるのは、鳥のさえずりや吹き­抜ける風の音など、自然が奏でるものばかりだ。 かつて、北山川の主役は筏師が操る筏だった。その歴史は古く慶長9(1604)年、徳­川家康が江戸城本丸を建てた際に、北山材と呼ばれる一帯のスギやヒノキを使用したとの­文献も残る。上流のダム建設や道路整備などに伴い、昭和30年代後半に姿を消すまで約­600年間続いたといわれる。 木津呂集落にも多くの筏師が暮らしていた。奈良、三重、和歌山の3県にまたがる峡谷瀞­峡(どろきょう)にある、現在の田戸乗船場(奈良県十津川村)付近から北山川を下り、­熊野川と合流して新宮まで約45キロ。大きくカーブする木津呂付近は難所だった。


  1. Translation (google chrome):
    thing to walk the mountains looking for a Location 1 time and a half. If you go down the slope from the ridge suddenly visibility is opened, the under eyes surrounded To Gulli in the river, had spread the terrain, such as the round island. Mie Prefecture Kumano of Kizuro settlements, Kitayama surrounds the other part of the north side, is in the form, such as the horse of the horseshoe. Only 11 people resident. Deer and wild boar, I prefer the monkey is also said to be more than human. Hear other than the engine sound of tourism jet boats that traffic the river, such as singing and blowing wind of the bird, but only those that nature plays. In the past, the leading role of Kitayama was a raft raft nurses manipulate. It has a long history in 1604, when the Tokugawa Ieyasu built the Edo Castle castle keep, also remain literature and using the whole area of the cedar and cypress called Kitayama material. Along with such upstream of the dam construction and road maintenance, and is said to have lasted for about 600 years until it disappeared in the late 1955's. Many of the raft nurses also Kizuro settlements lived in. Nara, Mie, in the canyon Torokai across three prefectures of Wakayama (Dorokyo), down the Kitayama from the vicinity of the current traversed pier (Nara totsukawa), about 45 km to Shingu merges with Kumanogawa. Near Kizuro to increase curve was a dangerous place. /End Translation


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