Mars Curiosity Rover Photographed A Martian City In Gale Crater, Oct 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 2015
Location of discovery: Gale Crater, Mars
Source photo: http://mars.nasa.gov/msl/imgs/2015/10/mars-curiosity-rover-gale-crater-beauty-shot-pia19839-full.jpg

This cool discovery was made by UFODI of Youtube and he found a city on Mars. There are many different structures along the city and we can see pyramids, rectangle and circular buildings and even a few windows and doorways. Chance of being a city...at 100%, no possibility of error here. 

Very strange how the world governments keep such things secret. UFO researchers around the world are on top of it, bringing you the evidence that you the public demand and deserve. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I edited a city from earth and added it beside this Martian city to see If the resemblance was the same and noticed it did! could this be an ancient type of Martian city?


  1. I like how every sighting is just slightly out of the cameras range. Lol.

  2. Very very very interesting, but if its a active martian city then im thk'ing, & w/ the possible treaty drawn w/ the host of the moon, mars & earths Sec Gov then one of the contract stipulations im theorizing is that the land rover would not get to close to ANY active martian surface cities, & i think thats as far as they will let the rover & or SSP operatives go as far as filming a active martian city if this is one, & only if there invited by the host of the moon or mars would they visit & or see those cities close up & personal i feel.

  3. And yes indeed NASA knows the true answers w/ out a dought in my mind, tho they cannot release detailed info about this mars puzzle until the Sec Gov allows them to, so yes after reviewing this presentation over & over again i personally can see where the fading, airbrushing & plain old obfuscation i,g.was in all likelyhood done on perhaps a quite beautiful martian hill top coastal city, & there must have been more buildings, roadways & artificial scenery leading from that lake to up along the slop of that hill that the city resides on, & if you look very closely you would see the air brushing of the hill slope thats extending from the air brushed smeard lake image too UC.

  4. scott, if you click on the link, let it open in the browser. Then use Ctrl and the mouse wheel - you can zoom right into this 'city' - very close. Buildings are very clear. Then use Ctrl, Print Screen - to copy the image. Hardly any pixilation.

  5. Great find, found this about a week ago after downloading some images you posted (thanks for those images and thanks for helping me find this)...I have 'my' cleaned up version if you accept images e-mailed in ? I blew it up, cleaned it and in my opinion it (structure furthest left) has the shape of bunker/hanger with an arching top with what looks like a staggered step, temple like building at its rear....and a damaged pyramid somewhat behind that.....I WONDER WHAT THE CLOSE UP IMAGES NASA HAS LOOK LIKE ?! They would have b-lined that rover straight to it.


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